Eyelash Tinting for a Vibrant Look

Add a Touch of Elegant Colors For a Transformative Look. Elevate Your Confidence with subtle hues that work like magic.

Eyelash Tinting is a beauty treatment that adores your natural features perfectly. This is a hassle-free solution for people who are seeking defined and emphasized eyes. Some of women do not want to use mascara on a daily basis, so tinting is a good treatment option for them. 

The complete procedure involves a formulated dye application to the natural lashes. It offers a natural look to your eyelashes but a noticeable darkness to them that goes perfectly with all skin complexions. You will get wider eyes and an effortlessly polished look for a routine. No daily hassles of smudges or mascara mishaps. Eyelash tinting in Eugene at Foxy Brows Threading Salon and Spa is a must-visited place for people desperate for their looks.

On the other hand, Brow Tinting offers facial features framing and tailored color to your brows. For a defined and well-grooming appearance, people prefer the tinting treatment that complements the corrective hair color and demanding skin tone. The treatment eliminates the daily usage of brow pencils and use of face powders. It offers a natural finish with depth in featuring every eyebrow shape on your face and gives a characterized look to your face.

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Benefits of Eyelash Tinting & Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelash Tinting offers a wide range of benefits that elevate your natural look and simplify your beauty for a daily routine.
  1. The tinting treatment eliminates the daily use of mascara. It saves your time and gives a beautiful look to your face with perfect eyelashes.
  2. Eyelash tinting treatment offers an easy-to-maintain natural look that adores the original color of the eyelashes and brows hair. They never look dramatic at all.
  3. After the eyelash tinting treatment,  they are resistant to water or sweat. Holds on for a long-lasting effect for a routine.

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