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Experience our wide range of relaxing beauty treatments and services. Our professionals are specialized in offering expert eyelash lifting and tinting services.  At Foxy Brows Threading Salon and Spa, we offer foxy threading to your eyebrows and professional makeup services. We deal in all recreational services for you including threading to beautiful henna designs and facial therapies. Get professional waxing and enhance your looks at a glance. Get customized facial and waxing treatments with no hassle. Book an appointment and get your treatment ready according to your requirements. 

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Frequently Asked Qestions

Threading is an ancient technique that originated in Asian countries for hair removal services. In this technique, the estheticians use a twisted thread to hold and pull out the unwanted hair growth from the follicle level. The thread used is safe for every sensitive skin which is made up of cotton or safe polyesters that will not harm the skin in any way. Before the hair removal or eyebrow threading process, the technician cleans up the skin to remove any kind of dirt, makeup, or oil applied to the skin. Then they use the thread to remove the hairs and make the eyebrows in shape. 

Eyebrow threading is a gentle hair-removal technique and is suitable for all types of skin. Even it can be easily handled on sensitive skin. It does not involve any chemicals or harsh products which reduces the risk of any allergic reactions to the skin. It offers a bold, beautiful, and defined shape to your eyebrows. Threading is an excellent option for those who are looking for shaped eyebrows. 

We are always here to improve our services and offer satisfactory results to our clients. If in case, any of our customers feel dissatisfied, they can openly tell us about their requirements. The practitioner will understand your concern and do their best for your satisfactory feedback for the result. 

A facial is a cleansing treatment for the skin’s dead cells and rejuvenates the skin cells once again followed by skin care products. At Foxy Brows Threading Salon and Spa, we deal in a wide range of skin care treatments that will improve skin health and offer a glowing appearance. Licensed and professional estheticians will perform the tasks for skin care facial therapies for customers and it is performed at beauty salons and spa parlors only under the supervision of expert technicians to avoid any inconvenience to the skin allergies or any product reactions. 

In the fast-moving world, all of us have no time to take care of our skin health. To give a relaxing and rejuvenating feel to your skin, we should take facial therapy sessions regularly after a few intervals. Facials make your skin healthier and the therapy session offers a relaxing time. The skin gets cleaned properly, treating the dead skin cells and removing all the tan caused by sunlight or UV rays. This is beneficial for your skin and helps in clearing the pores and preventing the chances of acne development. The result of facial therapy treatment is giving you smoother and brighter skin.

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