DIY Makeup Hacks You Should Know

DIY Makup Hacks.

DIY Makeup Hacks You Should Know

Almost anyone has become proficient in the basics when as far as makeup stuff like how to pull out waterproof mascara, where to put on blush, and how to cover up blemishes with the right concealer. Despite that even if you have been putting on foundation and eye shadow for ages, there are many next-level DIY makeup hacks out there that will leave you questioning yourself, “How I was not aware of this?”

So if you are dying to learn some DIY Makeup hacks that will save your money as well as your time— all at the same time as looking more glamorous and dazzling than ever! — You are at the right place –FOXY Brows, Makeup Artist in Eugene

Regardless of whether you are a pro makeup freak, a novice, or even just have entered a new motherhood journey our handful of DIY makeup hacks can serve you just right at any time of day. From uplifting your cheeks, eyelids, forehead, neck, or any part of your lovely face, lash extensions can beautify your looks even more. Our DIY makeup hacks can equalize your makeup activity to keep you appreciated and noticeable ceaselessly.

DIY Makeup Hacks You Should Know

Here are some of our tried and true quick DIY makeup hacks you should know and bring into play to enhance your makeup styling.

Lash extension

If you want eyelash extensions then while putting on false eyelashes, don’t ever hustle to put them after adding the adhesive.  Hang around until the eyelash adhesive has dried out for about 30 to 40 seconds before applying false eyelashes to hold the strip from slipping down and a quicker dry time on eyelids. After giving your adhesive a few seconds to dry, hold close a mirror under your line of sight as you wear your false lashes. Or you can visit the best Lash Extension and Makeup in Eugene for lash extensions.

Become skilled at how to apply eyeliner to go together with your eye shape

As people everywhere have different eyes — so it means everybody’s eyeliner should be put on a little bit differently, too. First of all, figure out whether your eye shape is hooded, rounded, monolid or downturned, after that find out the finest eyeliner to put on and the correct way to use it to make your eyes stand out.

Apply your concealer in a triangular shape

Rather than applying concealer in a dotting manner under your eyes, apply it in an upside-down triangular shape to lighten up any dark circles and draw attention towards your pupils.

Powdered up your eyelashes

A little translucent powder is the best way to get fuller and fluffier eyelashes. After applying your first coating of mascara, just dust your eyelashes with a mild coat of loose translucent powder — this will add volume to your eyelashes by making them look fuller. After adding a second coating of mascara to cover up the dustiness, you will notice the difference for yourself.

You can get the tutorial at FOXY Brows, Makeup Artist in Eugene

Restore your heavy mascara.

If your favourite mascara is starting to get a little heavy, just add a little saline solution and stir it, it will moisturize the mascara and make its shelf life long.

Emphasize your cupid's bow

To make your lips appear fuller and larger, you can make use of highlighter. After putting on the lipstick, just dab a little highlighter on the cupid’s bow of your lips, and see the difference instantly.

Lip liner to make your lips look fuller

You can use lip liner not only to keep your lipstick in place but you can draw a line just over your natural lines of lips, to make your pout look fuller. For long-lasting coverage just use lip liner to fill up your lips in a similar shade as your lipstick colour.

DIY lip stain

You can put on your favourite lipstick shade without any worry about its fading or smudging by making your lip stain. Just mix your favourite cream with your favourite liquid lipstick, and leave it for ten minutes for minimum. Now your lip stain is ready, apply it for a hydrated and stained look.

Use translucent powder to set your lipstick

This traditional hack has been around ever since our grandma’s generation and it wonderfully works. Just normally apply your favourite lipstick shade, and after that place a tissue paper on your lips, then use the translucent powder over it onto your lips. This will leave you with a matte pout that will stay all night long.

DIY tinted moisturizer

Turn your foundation to tinted moisturizer without ditching it when you want something lighter for the scorching summer. Just mix an equal amount of moisturizer and foundation in your palm. You can also use a gel bronzer for a summery tan glow or add a little liquid highlighter for a dewy glow effect.

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